Text Box: Woodstock 
University Estate
Salt River





A better life for all


The WUSO Project is a community upliftment programme for the Woodstock, Walmer Estate, University Estate, Salt River and Observatory communities. We are dedicated to improving the quality of human life and helping these communities realise their fullest potential. We believe that by strengthening our communities at a grassroots level, we will achieve our objective of A better life for all.


The majority of crime in our area is drug-related and we see drug abuse as the biggest challenge facing our communities. We have resolved to take action to limit the resulting suffering, initiate programmes to end the cycle of drug abuse and inspire the youth to lead drug-free lives.



-         Enhance the quality of human life

-         Empower individuals in the WUSO community to realise their full potential through the development of body, mind, spirit and the physical environment that we live in

-         Creation of drug-free, gun-free and crime-free communities



-         Bringing the NGOs in the area together under one umbrella to work towards common goals, with a coordinated response to the challenges faced

-         Conducting a needs assessment in the communities

-         Youth drug prevention programmes

-         Affordable local rehabilitation programmes

-         Support services for those in recovery and affected by substance abuse

-         Career programmes

-         Offering skills training to the youth and unemployed

-         Facilitating a working relationship between the police and the community

-         Pooling community resources for the benefit of the area

-         Involving all sections of the community into the upliftment of the area


It is our responsibility to take action. We are taking back our communities street-by-street, house-by-house and business-by-business. We look forward to working for change alongside everyone in the WUSO communities.


Kind regards,

The WUSO Team