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From cultural roots, to urban collaborations

WOODSTOCK LIVE returns to Trafalgar Park with a musical Heritage Picnic on Sunday 25 September, a multi-genre offering which speaks to the legacy of Woodstock and District Six, and which launches a recurring series of music events over the summer months. The core musical anchor for this Heritage Weekend outing will be traditional brass band music, a mainstay of the Minstrel movement and Carnival, and performed by D6 Hanover Minstrels, Fabulous Woodstock Starlites, the Young Woodstock Starlites and the IVUSA Minstrels. Adding to the mix – and complementing that root – will be professional musicians including drummer Kesivan Naidoo, trumpeter Lee Thomson, Camillo Lombard and his band ‘Top Dog’, plus the marimba of Bongani Sotshononda. Targeting Woodstock residents, as well as ex-residents from the Woodstock and District Six communities, the five-hour event is positioned as a ‘family picnic’ – guests can either bring their own hampers, or buy from The Woodstock Market & Marion Institute vendors set up on site. Woodstock Live is a brand with a cultural mission, a counterpoint to mainstream commercial entertainment. ‘People played in Trafalgar Park 50 years ago, in the 1960’s and 1970’s’ explains Christopher de Vries, one of the project drivers. ‘We must acknowledge that history, and reactivate it with a contemporary flavour. We as Woodstock Live want to be a catalyst to that process.’
In line with that cultural mission, Woodstock Live will present three musical collaborations at the Heritage Picnic. These prepared and rehearsed interactions include 16 piece brass sections, and will be directed by three of the professional musicians featured. Marimba icon Bongani Sotshononda will tease out traditional instrument collaborations with his afro-jazz arrangements. Lee Thomson will direct an exploration of new urban sounds alongside his longtime collaborator, drummer Kesivan Naidoo.
The final collaborative performance will be Camillo Lombard and Top Dog band will work to a brief exploring jazz, goema and indigenous influences. The event starts at 1pm, and is the second venture in the Kaggen Music and Culture Trust’s Woodstock Live series. The series staged its debut event in March 2016, and the organizers aim to host a several events through the spring and summer months – some ticketed, some free access - and with a diversity of musical offerings which explore and build on the rich cultural roots of the area.
The Heritage Music Picnic is free admission.
The social media channels & website will offer information about the events, and importantly, about the history of Trafalgar Park and the neighbouring communities which have used and enjoyed it.
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